Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding legal contract, and we suggest downloading a copy for your records. 


Congratulations on your purchase of “Certifications Made Simple.” 
This Agreement looks different than most boring contracts you have probably seen, but it is still a contract! Please read this agreement carefully before signing, because you are making an important commitment on behalf of your business to More Profitable I.P. LLC.


Your purchase includes the following items, which are sometimes referred to as “Deliverables” in the rest of this Agreement.

1) Physical copy of the book, “Certifications Made Simple,” delivered by US Media Mail at a later date; 
2) Media Mail class shipping and handling of the book to your home in the fifty United States. 
3) A Digital Copy of the book, sent immediately via email
4) Access to our Facebook Group community

NOTE: You have pre-ordered the book, and it will ship when the pre-order period concludes. Shipments can take up to 21 days after the US Post Office takes possession of your book. We will notify you when the book has shipped. 


We do not ship internationally or to APO or similar addresses. 

If your order contains an address to which we cannot deliver using the US Postal Service, Media Mail, we will refund your order. 

You agree that, if the book is not delivered within ten days of your order, you will contact us first for assistance to replace the order rather than requesting a chargeback from the payment processor. 


Except for one, non-exclusive license to consume the contents of the book for your personal use, and to pass the book on to another person, you are not getting rights to any of the following by virtue of your purchase: 
1. No Ownership Of Materials. The information in the book is protected by federal copyright laws. You may not copy, re-teach, re-engineer, distribute, reteach, excerpt, quote, or otherwise provide access to this information to any other person, for free or paid, without express written consent of More Profitable IP, which it may withhold for any reason. By using information for these purposes, you agree to pay a license fee for past use (prices start at $7,500.00).

2. No Rights To Company Trademarks. More Profitable IP protects its names! You are not receiving permission to use trade and service marks like Certification Starter Kit, Certification Success Secrets, Certification Creation Checklist, Certification Inspiration Bin, or any other trademark of the Company, even if not listed here, and some of which are under license from third parties.

3. No Results Guaranteed. We encourage you to take action on the principles outlined in the book, but we cannot guarantee any results or outcomes in doing so. 

4. No Professional Advice. The Company does not engage in the rendering of accounting, legal, financial, medical, dietary, or investment services or advice. You acknowledge that you will make your own decisions before acting on any information gained from the book. It is further understood that before you utilize any techniques suggested by this program, you should consult licensed professionals as applicable. If you are a licensed professional, you have an affirmative duty to ensure that implementing the principles of this program does not violate ethical or legal duties you may have in your profession. 

5. No Refunds. By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that a refund may not be requested. In the event you do not receive your book or your copy is damaged upon receipt, contact us at for another copy. More Profitable IP considers this policy a material inducement to entering into this Agreement, and would not have done so unless this policy were included. If you initiate a chargeback, the Company may assess a $250 fee for administrative time required in responding to the chargeback. If we must pursue collection or defend a lawsuit, we will assess our attorney’s fees and costs to your account.


Nevada Law Governs This Agreement and it will be enforced by either party in Nevada. This Agreement will be governed by Nevada law, without regard to its conflicts of law principles. You understand and agree that you submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of this state and agree that any dispute or legal proceeding commenced shall take place in Clark County, Nevada. Prior to the commencement of any litigation, the parties agree to submit to one two-hour minimum mediation session before a mediator licensed in Nevada.

You Agree To Mutual Non-Disparagement, Non-Defamation. The parties hereto expressly understand and agree not to make any oral or written statement about the other party which is intended or reasonably likely to disparage or defame the other party, or otherwise degrade the other party’s reputation in the community or industry. You are encouraged to honestly review the book for the benefit of future purchasers. 


Publicity Rights Release

More Profitable IP, LLC is pleased to hear from customers and welcomes your comments regarding our services and products. Company will request permission to display graphics, data, and other elements of your Deliverables as examples of its work in its portfolio or the portfolio of its affiliates (including without limitation, companies owned by Amanda Goldman-Petri and Valerie Del Grosso Esq.).

The Company may use testimonials, reviews, Facebook posts, Slack messages, clips from calls, or other statements made about our services in whole or in part with express permission from The Client. Testimonials may be used for any form of activity relating to Company services or products, in printed and online media, as determined in its sole and exclusive discretion. Note that testimonials, photographs, and other information that you provide to us and are approved by you will be treated as non-confidential and nonproprietary, and, by providing them, you grant More Profitable IP a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive and irrevocable license to use them.

Additionally, the Company reserves the right to correct grammatical and typing errors, to shorten testimonials prior to publication or use, and to review all testimonials prior to publication or use. More Profitable IP shall be under no obligation to use any, or any part of, any testimonial or product review submitted.